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Kurt Bantilan

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Kurt is a YouTube personality, actor, and self-taught chef / filmmaker. He uses his show, Cooking with Kurt, as a way to educate and empower people with culinary knowledge while making eclectic dishes and baked goodies from around the world. He started his show in 2012 as a way to hone his acting craft, in-between roles, and entertain his friends and family with his keen ear for accents. Since then it has continued to grow with in depth how-to video tutorials. Cooking with Kurt has over 6 million views and has been featured on Buzzfeed and CreateTV. Kurt's passion for food comes from growing up in the Philippines, India, Zimbabwe, and LA, immersed in a wide range of flavors. When he’s not creating recipes and videos, he works in cancer research. Kurt met his husband Donald in 2013.


Donald Etheridge

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Donald is Kurt’s sous-chef in the kitchen and partner in life. They met in 2013 and Donald's been "Cooking with Kurt" ever since. Growing up in Dallas, Texas in a biracial and multicultural family, Donald learned to appreciate different cuisines from an early age. He's an expert eater! When he’s not developing recipes with Kurt, he works in brand marketing for productions on Broadway, the West End and previously in syndicated Daytime Television. 

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